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Newark, New Jersey (aka the real holy land) may seem an unlikely place to be thinking of kaivalya, or liberation, but it’s just what’s in my head. I was liberated from an oversold flight last evening and given a place to sleep and practice. Today, Memorial Day, the ACTUAL Memorial Date, chosen to mark a day on which NO Civil War battles were fought, brings to mind my Uncle Tom and so many like him, haunted forever by his war service (Iwo Jima, in the Marines). He took his life in Dallas Texas, many years ago. Thank you, Uncle Tom.
On to Delhi tonight, on the same flight, thanks to fate, after all, as my friend from Queretaro, Genoveva and her son , Ramon. We are bearing, thanks to Deborah , the warmest jacket in the world for Swami Sundaranand. Himalaya, here we come!

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So long have I wanted to be able easily to write and broadcast to friends thoughts, dreams, and reflections. Let’s see if this works. Please wish me well on this adventure. I’ve been known in the past to jinx anything technical. My mind is not binary, and computers sometimes send me into tailspins, spirals, loops and dives……

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